When someone is beginning to study the voice and singing it is important to think of taking voice lessons as an investment in a person’s unique instrument. In the course of the learning process many subjects are incorporated so that the singer can realize his/her full potential.
During a student’s voice lesson I like to follow a basic format of teaching:


1. Begin with warm up exercises, especially those that will help with a student’s repertoire choices.
2. Concentrate upon and review any rhythmic challenges in repertoire. This time also includes overview of any music theory needed to be learned that pertains to the student’s repertoire.
3. Review any pronunciation difficulties if necessary.
4. Sing!

This plan can and will be deviated from, but this a basic idea of what takes place during a private voice lesson. The most important thing is to focus on you as a student, particularly your long and short term goals as a singer and what you hope to accomplish by studying private voice. As student and teacher we will work together to meet your goals!Solfege w: Finn 2 (ti, la

I look forward to us making music together!

Jamie Halladay